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Game News

Game News (Today:26)

Latest news about the game and Kingory Europe

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Mobile crushing station performance characteristics

Announcements & Rules

Announcements & Rules (Today:12)

Important Announcements and Rules from you should pay attention to

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ountries and Canada

Kingory Events

Kingory Events (Today:2)

All of Kingory Events will be published here.

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Wildness Contest Event



General Discussion

General Discussion (Today:61)

Anything about game you can discuss here with others.

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For 2017 the team take also expect

Questions & Help

Questions & Help (Today:4)

Have you any question? Please feel free ask here!

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Valentino Sale contains just

Battle Report Show

Battle Report Show (Today:16)

Here you can share your experience of Battle via Screenshots.

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Nike Soccer Cleats

Off Topic

Off Topic (Today:7)

Whatever you wanna talk about. No Abuse please!

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Online Fax Services for Small Startups



Kingory Strategies

Kingory Strategies (Today:5)

There are 20 different types of building and 20 different types of technology in Kingory, know more....

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your aggressive advertiser in addition to physical fitness

Kingory Knowledge

Kingory Knowledge (Today:2)

introduce here the figures and histroy backgroud to help you better understand the game.

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One way to finish Arena

Hero Bulletin

Hero Bulletin (Today:1)

Hero is the most attractive part of Kingory World. You can find a lot of guides about historical hero.

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List of Female historical Heroes


Moderator Party

Players Service

Anything about players, trend, idea, promotion, compaint, event etc

15 / 74 Secret Forum

Problem Report

any problem you find, can be reported here at first.

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