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The kingdom of Cambodia comes in the category of Southeast Asian countries and is known for its great cultural and historical heritage. This land is the blend of human architectural achievements and natural landscapes which provides a panoramic view which is so mesmerizing. This country is known for its garment manufacturing and textiles industries.

Following are the top travel destinations of this nation that should be visited:

- Angkor Archaeological Park: this location is so comprehensive and is popular in the world for Khmer civilization that shows modernism of its times and even today is interesting people. Angkor Thom Myles Jack Jersey , Angkor Wat along with the Bayon temple is visited here.

- Bokor national park: here an old and decrepit hill station of France is situated and it is said that during the creation of this grand building a lot of people of Khmer lost their lives. The other thing that interests people is the myriad of faunas and floras present here.

- Kampong cham: the third biggest city of this country is one of the most traveled destinations here. It is known for its beautiful sites like the Nokor Wat and the Bamboo Bridge that joins Mekong to Koh Paen. French influence can be found over here.

- Kompong luong: this is another place that should be visited when you travel this country as you can see the whole town floating over the lake Tonle Sap. It is called the floating village where you see schools, restaurants and houses floating and, really look amazing.

- Siem reap: this is another popular travel destination has the Landmine Museum where hazards of mining can be learned. Here also there is a floating village with the name Kampong Phluck.

- Kep: this is a coastal region of this country where you can bask under the Cambodian sun and enjoy by having fresh sea foods. The Rabbit Island is another destination where beaches of white sand can be seen.

Cambodian government relies on tourism very much as this is considered as a component to build up the economy. It is taking many initiatives to promote tourism and is coming up with various offers of packages that can attract travelers across the world towards this destination.
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