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Spam is Prohibited
- Any post that is not relevant to the thread is considered spam.
- One-liner responses such as "Yeah I agree" are spam.
- Spam discussion goes in “Free Talk”. Spam chatter goes in the designated threads.

Other Spam
- We have loads of forums. Find the one your thread belongs in.
“Announcements” and “News Center” are for admin and mods to post news threads. Users are not allowed to create new threads in these two sections but reply within the news threads.
Most commonly, threads that don't belong in the “Kingory Strategies” go in the “General Discussion”. “Kingory Strategies” is only for discussion of strategies and tips in the game. You can post up screenshots or other Kingory related pictures in “Kingory Pictures”.
If you wish to discuss games other than Kingory, “Other Games” is where you should go.
Report bugs in “Report Bug” forum, suggestions go to “Game Suggestions”. Troubleshooting goes into “Help & Questions”. Your questions will be answered by admin and mods as well as other fellow players.
- Double posting is spam. Use the "edit" and "quote" functions instead. But if it's been 24 hours and you have new information, you may post again.
- Duplicating threads or posting prohibited threads is also spam. Use the "forum search" function, or simply look through the threads, to see if your topic is being discussed. And read your forums' stickies.
- Necro-posting, the act of posting to an old thread, is not allowed. Threads inactive for over three weeks should be considered old and left alone. If you have new information that is of vital importance or meaningful comments on the topic that can promote discussion, then you may start a new thread on the topic. If you're unsure, ask a mod what to do.
- Threads containing spoilers should indicate it, and not include spoilers in the title!

Respect Means No Flaming, Trolling, Fighting, or Harassment
- Above all else, be mindful and respectful of others. We maintain a community here, not a battlefield.
- Flaming means insulting another member; and trolling is posting something with the intent to provoke flames. The prohibition applies to threads, posts, PMs.
- No bashing will be permitted, including: people, other sites, manga/anime, and manga/anime characters. If you dislike a manga or character, you may explain your reasons respectfully.
- You may discuss in a heated manner, but do not post in such a way as to start a fight. Make statements that are supported by evidence, and express opinions supported by reasons.
- Report threads, posts, PMs violating this rule. Don't respond! Staff will deal with it.

Multiple Accounts
- Creating multiple accounts with malicious intent will result in a permanent ban of the multiple account, and a two month ban for the original. Ban evasion will result in a permanent ban of the original account and, if necessary, IP bans.

- No advertisement in threads, posts, PMs. Advertising other similar hosting sites, download sites, and money-making sites is always prohibited.
- Advertisement of social groups, RPs, etc. should be limited to signatures. If you're unsure if you can put a certain advertisement in your signature, ask a staff member.

Offensive Material
- No content - textual, graphical, or otherwise - that is racist, pornographic (sexual activity), disturbing (like suicide, rape, or extreme violence), etc. Keep things PG-13.
- Cursing anywhere is also prohibited. Usually we simply delete it, but excesses result in bans. Nothing in usernames please.

Illegal Activity
- Requesting or providing copyrighted software, games, movies, etc, and encouraging others to break the law is prohibited. Do not attempt to pass someone else's work off as your own (e.g. graphics or creative writing). Rippers will be permanently banned.

Language in the Forums
- Only English should be used in the forums. If you wish to speak in a different language, take it to Virtual Messages, dedicated Social Groups, and the threads in the Spam section.

Signature Requirements
- Keep signatures to a reasonable size - nothing that stretches the frame or takes ages to scroll past.

Lastly, staff members reserve the right to take action against you or ban you at any time if they feel your behavior is detrimental to the forum, whether it is covered by a specific rule or not.
The subject was excuted Theme Top / Cancel operation by 管理员 admin at 3/4/2010 10:10:52 PM
kingory Europe

Glad to know the game looking great so far.

The Admins Are Really Gona Make This Game Great =D I am proud to be a player hehe!
Khappy & Zhou Yu Best Friendz Forever Live Forever In Kingory! =]

Multiple Accounts
- Creating multiple accounts with malicious intent will result in a permanent ban of the multiple account, and a two month ban for the original. Ban evasion will result in a permanent ban of the original account and, if necessary, IP bans.

Initial A, Initial B, Initial C, Initial D, Initial D,Initial F, Initial T ,Initial L

multi-accounters are ruining the game play for everyone. Can you please look in to these account.

Thanks for the report paopao, we are currently looking into the issues of multis and studying ways to deal with it. I assure you that this has already been highlight to Admin and kindly be patient as we deal with it. And have fun in game!

A great game admins blinds or , worst, let it happen!
GiantDav, greatscott, and another one acc this cheater can have in eu3 must be banned! beter game need a filter for not let any1 open a new acc using a proxy programs for can open multi accs! at same time need banned for ever IPs of cheaters n no 2nd chance! all know who cheat 1 gona try again n again n again!
a black board to cheaters need be done for stop with it!
I n lots of players here dont have fun playing against this type of players n game dont get supporters too
He exploit range he exploit damange he exploit all things can make won advantage! when a task open he back with all accs for get advantage n decrease intensity when arent tasks ( nothing to won free)
im bevry bored for be 2 nd time be cheated n dont gona be 3rd time cos thats last! if i be cheated again and see super range , super damange ( not possible again with all items ) i never back here n start advertize in sites for that thigs to alert players this is not a commum game but a game admins dont do nothing to clean cheaters from game!

Torres...where can I get a list of EU game rules ?...I want to know if friendly fire ( 1 cav blockers ) is leagal on EU 5

Yung Lo


Yung Lo, please tell us more details. Thanks

Dropping out of your own league and sending waves of 1 cav conquers to a friends city that is being attacked. It basically blocks enemy attacks to the point conquering that is pretty much impossible. Of course using more then one acc like Lady Yep did, using her Super acc to send 1 cavs to her own city to protect herself, is illegal but Yung Lo has brought up a question that the answer is long overdue.

I've been playing this game for quite a long time, many servers. I remember a time when multi accounts, log in info, and account sharing along with babysitting another person's account was considered illegal and a ban able offense. What happened to your rules? Your morals and the obligation to your players, Kingory? This game has gone down hill fast.