How to get your Influence high

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hi i wanted to know how to get your influence higher besides battle, researching, building, upgrading and conquering countys and what not.

if you have any answers for me please send me a mail at

thanks alot for your help.

Hi Matheen,

I will answer your question here in order to be shared with other players.

Besides those mentioned above, you can play arena where you can gain a lot of influence. However, your nobility rank must be at least Livery in order to play arena.

Enjoy the game.

Well You can do quest.Though i think you know about it and not point it out.Some quest gives a great amount of influence.
Khappy & Zhou Yu Best Friendz Forever Live Forever In Kingory! =]

To get your influence higher, do the following regularly:

1. Do arenas. You can learn how to do this from most leagues and it requires a minimum rank of Livery. This gives the most influence at higher level arenas.

2. Maraud/Conquer wildernesses. In early parts of the game, marauding wilderness and beating the enemy troops will give you some influence. The higher level the wilderness, the more influence you get. This decreases as you accumulate more influence.

3. Do the routine quests. Every once in a while under the routine tab you will receive quests to be completed. This can range from giving the emperor troops in exchange for influence, giving jewelry to the emperor for influence, giving the emperor resources for influence to handing in yellow turban headbands and innocent people for influence and other perks.

4. Grow your cities and build your army. Every unit you build gives you a little bit of influence. It might not seem much in the beginning, but as you get a bigger army, the bonus starts to become more noticeable.

5. Finish the newbie quests. Many of the newbie quests give you some influence for successful completion. They are not particularly difficult to complete so follow the quests and get some influence easily.

6. Defeat other players in combat (and kill more than you lose). Winning a battle against other players gives you some influence. You should not try this until you are more experienced though.

That's about all I can think of right now. I'll add more if I can remember more.

Thanks you for your help this helped me alot

And also the best point to gain influence is during the epic quest. This verison do not have a 2nd phrase epic quest yet. So return as many quest when the epic quest us still Ava. The fastest way to gain influence if you know how to farm.

Otherwise the next choice will be arena followed by fighting with players that are high influence than you. Or use a insane county as your personal influence generator.

Yup, almost forgot this point. But this quest has not started yet. Also getting a county is too early now.

But I must agree that you have a good point there. Thanks for highlighting it out.

me agian who has posted the note has Epic Quest finished???

many player just leach in arenas for infl a lvl 10 arena can give a person 75k infl from judges alone u have to be livery or higher to leach or host

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