In Mafia City, you will have three general building areas

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I’ve compared Mafia City to Stardew Valley before and while the comparison is apt, I think Mafia City may actually be harder. There are a lot more items to build, and tracking down and preparing the necessary resources can be a laborious slog. That being said, if you know what you’re getting into and stride into the mafia game with a sense of vision and focus, you’ll be fine. And this guide can help you get there. Instant play mafia online now!
Let’s start with the mafia mmorpg basics.

In Mafia City, you will have three general areas where you will be building, the Farm, the Graveyard and the Church. The Graveyard and Church are the only ones whose score you have to worry about though, so we’ll get to that in a minute. Your homebase is where you’ll make all the machines and contraptions you’ll need to refine resources. The menu for these items is accessible through a drafting table/desk on the left wall of the outside of your home. As you progress through the Skill Tree, more machines will open up, allowing you to make more advanced items for other projects. Many have at least three tiers, with the most advanced machines requiring the least amount of materials while producing the highest yields.