login bug or not?

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I dont know why the interface of login game become empty after daily mantains.
the broad board disappear, so as user name and password input blanks.
Is it a bug?

my guess is both this guy and the other one are going directly to the server which doesn't work.

you have to log in through kingory.eu then click play..

also, internet explorer has some bugs with this game opening new windows, so i'm guessing that's what they mean. when you go directly to the server it's supposed to open another window to kingory.eu so you can log in properly.

use firefox or google chrome if you still can't figure it out.... internet explorer sucks...

i'm going to post this in both threads, so sorry for the double but they might not check each others threads.
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you must start from www.kingory.eu, and then after login click play.
kingory Europe

I see. But after sever maintenance, my  page atomatically redirects to that page.

close that page and go back to Kingory EU homepage and log in. you should have no problem with that

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Even if you refresh the page in-game to resume.you will need to relogin from the Kingory website.
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