Guide of Catching Historical Heroes step by step

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A historical hero brings you many advantages:
  • Higher Maneuver level than his hero level ( a normal hero has the same maneuver level as hero level)
  • High default attributes (level,Politics, Bravery, Intelligence)
  • Highest Honor Symbol for Lord ( the amount of historical heroes is very limited)
There are 2 types of historical heroes: Hero in Wildness or Hero in City:
  • Hero in Wildness: easier to conquer the wildness due to a little troops, but attributes of hero are on the average lower than hero in city. On the other side, hero probably will escape anywhere else after being defeated.
  • Hero in city:  controls the stronger troops and NPC city protects him as well. Harder to defeat him, but he will never abandon his city.

Step 1: Hero Info Inquiry in Hero Rank

Go to Hero Rank, you can get Hero’s Info inclusive Level Historical Hero comes up with a yellow name; and the name can never be changed!

Step 2: Get Location of Hero in Tavern(over level 5)

Gossip in Tavern you will know the details about heroes.

With "Inquire More"(10 diamonds or vouchers) someone in tavern will tell you the co-ordination of hero. Otherwise you only know the prefecture name. It takes more time. I strongly recommend that player do pay this petty cash, but it's totally up to you!

You can trace heroes randomly or search a certain hero.

1000 gold for search
100 gold for refresh
10 diamonds or vouchers for knowing the co-ordination of hero’ city!

check Gossip info in report.

Step 3: Get Hero quest
Clicking“get quest” to receive this hero quest. Two rewards: catch this hero and recruit him.

Step 4: Catch the hero

Go to this city, conquer the city where here is located many times until you catch him. If you are unlucky, the hero possibly will escape from the city, and then you must discover him again.

Tips: moving your city with relocation order or adv. Relocation order next to this city will be more effective!

Step 5: Persuade the hero
Persuading a historical hero depends on two preconditions:

  • Allegiance of Hero drops to 0,
  • Your Nobility matches the corresponding level of Hero as followed:

Congratulations! You get him now!

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Good job, i saw that you have added it stuff since the first time you post. Keep the guides coming in!

Thank you very much !
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One rarely meets a real, genuine, authentic villain,  even once in a lifetime.

you are welcome

ok sorry of this a silly question that highest level of hero was level 100

Its a good guide but the lvl are off by 10 High Knights can capture High Heroes up to level 60... good try though...It would be nice if someone woulf fix it...

Reply 1# Bob Posts

"Hero in city:  controls the stronger troops and NPC city protects him as well. Harder to defeat him, but he will never abandon his city."

This is not true. Even heroes in NPC/ YT cities do run if thier fidelity is not low enough to capure them they will run.

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