One way to finish Arena

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Start in Riverside city - There is a dropdown menu to choose city above where you choose Hero to march.

From Riverside :-
Travel to Lo Riverdale - kill "Arwood"
Travel to Tiger cage Pass - Kill everyone there
Travel to Longsiety County - Kill Lesko
Travel to Chan Reservoir - Kill Fann
Travel to East Commandary - Kill Sack
Travel to Cantonial County - Kill Jang Lyang
Travel to Julu County - Kill Jang Jyau
Travel to Lower bent County - Kill Sohn
Travel to Stock Pavillion - Kill Lebeau
Travel to peace County - Kill Traynor
Travel to Anew River - Kill Lesko
Travel to Plume County - kill lesko
Travel to China West - Kill Lesko & Kill Harber without traveling
Travel to Wan Castle - Kill any one of those
Travel to Southern Light county - Kill konrad & Kill Armes without travelling
Travel to Wan Castle - kill Armes & Kill Caffey & Kill Beamer without travelling
Travel to Mountain of Northern Lake - Kill Beamer
Travel to Porcelain City South - Kill Paulin & Kill Derose without travellling
Travel to new wilderness County - Kill Beltz
Travel to fan Castle - kill hwang Syun
Travel to Tang Castle - kill Tyus

So basically - you need to chase down and defeat all the level 60 Hero's and everyone in Tiger Cage Pass.

In most Arena - I set ALL troops to defend and kill from there - you can move them as you get more confident with Arenas

To dispatch mercenaries (Use Merc Order) - Send troops to 1st city (Lo Riverdale) and while travelling - View troops - Dispatch Mercenaries - Trebuchets 99,999 for level 11 Arena

When sending in troops for level 11 - send only 1 hero and 1 Cav - then dispatch the merc Orders while travelling.

Some Ideas on approximate numbers of troops required for each level :
1)      A lvl 1 arena with 0 losses will require 2000 archers
2)    A lvl 2 arena 4000 archers
3)    A lvl 3 6000 archers
4)    A lvl 4 8000 archers
5)      A lvl 5 12000 archers
6)    A lvl 6 16000 archers
7)    A lvl 7 20000 archers
* Lvl 8 and 9 I have never done so I am not sure troop numbers *

Any level above level 8, I recommend you use Merc Orders.
10)  A lvl 10 arena requires 4 merc orders and 5000 glory.
The troops to select with the mercs : select ballistae and then for number select 99999 which is the max amount
* if you use my advice and send only 1 cav with your hero this will go really fast - Equip your hero with a +15 Horse or similar for the trips between cities to go faster again*

11)    A lvl 11 is almost the same as a lvl 10 however you need 5 merc orders, an expeditionary order, and 8000 glory.
Another difference is instead of using the mercs to get 99999 ballistae you will being using them to get 99999 Trebucets.
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One rarely meets a real, genuine, authentic villain,  even once in a lifetime.

nich. it helps me! up!

well done villain not bad for an aussie :-)


Thanks shank  !
One rarely meets a real, genuine, authentic villain,  even once in a lifetime.

anyone want to suggest numbers for lvl 8+ if using own troops?

Lv8 Arena Requires 40k Archers minimum
Lv9 Arena requires 80k Archers minimum

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wow way to copy and paste the guide from the gameol servers forum and if you want to know how i know it is copy and pasted is b/c i wrote that guide only thing you missing is the screenshots and the 4 days of work it took me to write that guide i have the original and will be talking to gm's to remove your version and adding the real deal i hate plagerists

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