Multi-Account Banned

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Dear players,

Multi-Account is forbidden in kingory due to fair play principle. Our System will randomly filter the Multi-Account without notification to player.

Thank you for your understanding!

kingory europe
kingory Europe


look into mr.robert and mr.robert2  please

u said look these guy rooky lol
i said kingkong n jenny is the same worst he is mpderator n builld near other acc for cheat!
inicials (name player) have 3 4 or 5 acc n make 1 league alone!?? lol
well if i post all i see is like make a book! lmao
MY qUETION IS : WAT ADMIN ARE DOING? aswer: nothing! game dont have a prog for catch mulris, game dont have a prog for block progs like switchproxy , game dont roll for detect multi , we post and ... nothing happen!
so my conclution is ... game for took cash at players?! smeens like that HUGH!

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Have been forwarded to admins for investigation.
Khappy & Zhou Yu Best Friendz Forever Live Forever In Kingory! =]

kingory Europe

i wonder what and how u can tell who is multi  and how about this guy shadow78 and 78shadow is this a multi?

OK guy read that link in FORUM! ELITE MULTI CHEATING!

multi alert

Dear Torres,

could you please check the following coords:
331/196 Lord zixu
331/197 Lord zixu02
330/195 Lord zixu03
333/194 Lord zixu04
330/197 Lord zixu05

Seems 1 person with 5 accounts.

Thank you, Brainpower


I have information about a likely multi-acct user(s), but everytime i try to enter the info in and post, the server thinks it's a form of advertisement.

On Server 2, please look into all members of the leagues GOOF, Hu, and Hi. They seem to all have random numbers for names. 78y8 is thought to be the main account for the ones in GOOF.

These multis are extremely annoying...I'm constantly seeing random letter and number names pop up in world chat getting new items and signing up.