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Tropical Storm Fay has once again brought to our attention the need for everyone to be ready for wet and gusty weather conditions with suitable rain gear that includes a wind-resistant umbrella. The fact is hurricane season lasts until November 30th and inclement weather can strike at anytime. Knowing what to do, along with having the right protective products, are vital to staying safe and dry all year-round.

Long before a storm hits is when to get yourself and your family prepared. Essential items that you need to have on hand in both your car and your home include: a radio Brian Dawkins Womens Jersey , water, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, a flashlight, extra batteries, and a blanket. Rain gear is also a necessary component of any storm preparedness kit. Waterproof boots, jackets Isaac Seumalo Womens Jersey , and quality rain umbrellas that can withstand both wind and rain are also very important.

Once severe weather begins, it's always smart to stay indoors. However, if you are outside, there are ways to protect yourself. If conditions are just rainy, avoid flooded roads, walkways, creeks Mack Hollins Womens Jersey , streams, washes, and rivers. Utilize a rain umbrella and rain resistant gear, and keep a close eye out for lightening, hail, and increasing wind speeds.

If there is lightening, locate the nearest safe shelter which can be an enclosed structure or a hard-topped vehicle. Open structures such as carports Rasul Douglas Womens Jersey , tents, dugouts, or convertible cars are not considered to be safe. If you are in your vehicles during a thunder or lightening storm, pull over until it passes, and by all means do not go outside until the storm has passed. While many umbrella manufacturers are now making rain umbrellas with a minimum of metal, it's still never a good idea to open an umbrella until you are absolutely sure that lightening has passed.

For windy conditions, it's also a good idea to stay inside and away from doors and windows. If you are caught outdoors when wind speeds are picking up Alshon Jeffery Womens Jersey , grab your rain umbrella to protect yourself from blowing rain, hail, or dust. Most quality umbrellas are designed with windproof construction and can withstand gusts of up to 55 miles per hour. If you're in . Cheap Jerseys  Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping  Cheap NBA Jerseys  Cheap Replica NBA Jerseys  Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys  Cheap Authentic College Jerseys  Cheap NCAA Jerseys  Cheap Replica MLB Jerseys  Cheap Retro Soccer Jerseys  Cheap Soccer Replica Jerseys