On a sunny and sunny morning,

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On a sunny and sunny morning, I couldn't wait to rush to the school, and I was afraid that I would drag down everyone's trip to the museum. After the whole class was assembled Buy Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale, they were eagerly queued up on the train Marlboro Red 100S Online. Because they hoped to arrive at the museum, they felt that time flies like a snail crawling. During the journey, everyone was not idle, and each of them chatted and chatted for a while. After a while, the tour bus became slower and slower, then stopped and it was already at the destinationen you get off the bus Wholesale Carton Cigarettes, the first thing that catches your eye is a huge and exquisite classical door, just like the door of the outdoor villa of Miss Qianjin, which is both elegant and gorgeous. We entered the "outdoor villa courtyard" in order, then down the stairs, the stairs are transparent, just like the expensive crystal made of sparkling, can not help but want to see more. After going down the stairs, I entered the main hall. If there is a signboard at the entrance of the museum, the uninformed person may think that this is the remains of the palacegh there is no special place inside the main hall Newport Cigarettes On Apple Store, the soft tones and the tranquil atmosphere give you a feeling of peace and calm. Staying here is like enjoying the lake and mountains in the mountains. Suddenly a huge background caught my eye, my God! How can there be a cave in the art gallery? Take a closer look, it turned out to be the entrance to the Shaoguan activities, but... this is too much like it! It's just as real as a movie scene. We played there for a long time, and finally left reluctantly.I visited the works of art, I found that everyone was very quiet to appreciate the paintings Cost Of Carton Marlboro 100. At this moment, it was so quiet that even a needle fell on the ground! This is far beyond my imagination. I thought that everyone would make a big noise and let the teacher not be peaceful for a moment. However, the facts are just the opposite. The staff and teachers have greatly appreciated the good attitude of our appreciation of art. The performance of our class has also impressed the commentators.most memorable event of this museum tour is the outstanding performance of the students. They made me learn the most correct attitude when I appreciate art. I am also proud of it. In addition, the impeccable architecture outside the museum also made me stunned, because when I saw the appearance, I felt that it was a "very temperamental" art gallery, and it felt like I was seeing the grandeur. The same as the palace. This visit really benefited me a lot!