Last Wednesday was the

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Last Wednesday was the final of the relay race. Before the competition, we practiced every day. From the start, the pick-up to the pass, we all remember that the order was not leaking. Even the most precious lunch break, we took it and ran; Climb up; drop the stick, pick up the baton and continue to move forward. Seeing that the game is getting closer every day, the mood is getting stronger every day, is it winning? Is it a defeat? Look at the performance of the game Buy Newports Bulk. step is heavier than one step, one step is closer to the game than one step Cheap Malboro Cigarettes Wholesale, yes, the game is about to begin. The audience looked surprisingly quiet. "Touch!" The guns rang, and the players in each class rushed forward. Of course, we also had an exception. Even though the sweat continued to flow down, we did not feel tired, strong sunshine. Shining on us, we don't feel hot, suddenly, there is a figure behind me, ah! It��s Manning Marlboro 100 Carton Price, she��s the third best. I��m going to run on alternates. ��Hey! I��m going to change you.�� She smiled and said to me.t's right, change me soon Cartons Of Marlboro Reds, eh? Didn't you still lead? Why, behind, seeing the players around me start one by one, I began to worry, the people in our class finally came, "Fast!" I shouted in my heart, "Receive!" I began to force forward, one Two, three, I have surpassed three people. "Come faster, take out your strength." I keep telling myself that victory is in sight.r the concerted efforts of the whole class, the people in the other classes were overtaken one by one, and Manning surpassed the last person. "Come on! Come on!" The cheering sound is getting louder and louder, and suddenly, "Hey!" Ning��s shoes fell, and she thought she would stop and lick her shoes. ��Hey!�� She simply kicked off the other shoes and everyone breathed a sigh of everyone's efforts, the victory always falls into our hands. This victory is really hard to come by. When everyone is complacent, the teacher announced an earth-shattering news, not that we got the first place, but rather- �� Manning had to check the body Newport Cigarettes On Apple Store, so after nine o'clock yesterday, I didn��t eat anything until now. She still glared at her mother and secretly told her dad to take her to school. There is such a team member. Victory does not give us, who to give it. What?r this game, I deeply realized that in addition to working together, the spirit of sports is also very important. Don't be scolded by the mistakes of the players. Be generous and generous. The game is more than finished. What is the use? ? What about this mistake, remember the lesson, don��t commit it again next time! This game not only made my sports progress, but also taught me a lot of attitudes in life. This game really benefited a lot!