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" SHENZHEN police recently busted a syndicate and a related industry chain that engaged in stealing nike air vapormax for sale , unlocking and selling Apple iPhones, confiscating more than 2,800 iPhones, the Beijing-based Science and Technology Daily reported yesterday.

From March to September, the police launched a special investigation in Guangdong, Sichuan, Chongqing nike vapormax for sale , Anhui and Jiangxi, arresting 57 suspects, 30 of whom were detained by the procuratorial authority.

The case is said to involve 28 provinces nationwide. Additionally, it has been reported that an industry chain has been formed for unlocking iPhone IDs, paving the way for stolen iPhones to enter the market again.

Shenzhen police arrested the alleged head of the syndicate, surnamed Fang, along with three other suspects , and seized 751 iPhones in Futian District.

Fang told the police that he had bought phishing software online and sent emails containing phishing links to phone owners, who thought the emails were from an official website. After they clicked the link and entered their IDs and passwords, Fang and his accomplice would extract the information through the backstage.

A man surnamed Li who had provided the mail service to Fang said he charged 200 yuan (US$30.5) per day. By the time he was arrested, his illicit gains had reached 50,000 yuan. The suspect who provided the phishing website service to Fang charged 800 yuan per package.

A suspect surnamed Wen, who was arrested in Sichuan Province, said he received his orders online. The average cost to unlock a mobile phone was over 100 yuan nike air vapormax 2019 for sale , and five to 10 phones could be unlocked by a person per day. According to the police, Wen’s gang, which consisted of 10 suspects, had about 2 million yuan in their day-to-day account.

According to an industry insider, a stolen iPhone usually has to be disassembled into several parts to be sold, and is estimated to earn only 300 to 500 yuan. But if the ID is unlocked, an iPhone in good condition may be worth 2 nike vapormax 2019 for sale ,000 to 3,000 yuan. And if the iPhone is still within its quality guarantee period, it could fetch at a higher price, since it can be traded.

Previously, Shenzhen police busted a gang that had been stealing mobile phones in Luohu District for a long time, arresting nine suspects and seizing more than 30 iPhones. According to a police officer, the gang was loosely organized and sold the stolen phones through second-hand mobile phone stores and instant messaging platforms such as WeChat and QQ.

Shenzhen Daily
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