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Arena System

1. Can I see other league players in the Arena?

You can see their troops and hero information.

2. When I drop out of an Arena, my Glory is deducted. What should I do?

If your Glory is negative, you cannot enter any Arena any more. All the
negative Glory will be reset to zero at 5 am everyday so that you may enter Arena again. If you don't want to wait, purchase Document of Mercy in Item Mall to skip the waiting.

3. How to obtain Battle Equipments?
They are tradable in Item Mall with Glory and Medal.

4. Any limit on the troop population sent to Arena?

Yes, you can only send 2 troops simultaneously. When one hero suffers defeat and is pulled back to the start city, you can send another back into the Arena.

5. Is Battle Equipment only allowed to apply in Arena?

No. The heroes can receive amplifying effect without restraint once Battle Equipment is applied to them.

6. How to obtain Medals
You can gain Yellow Turban Quencher through victory in Yellow Turban Rebellion, Ywan Ferry Campaign Medal through victory of Ywan Shao in Guan Du Battle, and Tsao Ferry Campaign Medal through victory of Tsao in Guan Du Battle. Moreover, You can trade these Medals for Royalty Medal.

7 . Can I drop out of an Arena?
Yes, you can. But without completing the Main Quests, your action will cost you many Glories.

8. What is the maximum troop population I can send?
The maximum troop population sent for battle is related to Rally Spot. Rally Spot level 10 allows for 100,00o troop population. The same applies to the Mercenaries you summon.

9. What do I gain from victories?
A victory guarantees you to gain Arena Glory or Arena Medal, which can then be traded for Battle Equipment, Heroes or Hero Item. You can get even more by completing Main Quest s.

10. Can a city that has sent troops relocate? Will the sent troops and heroes be lost after relocation?
You cannot relocate when you have troop out on an expedition .

11. Why can’t I enter Arena?
Low Noble Rank and a full Arena will prevent you from entering the Arena.

12. How is the distribution of experience arranged?
Only the experience gained from completion of Main Quests is shared. One player completes the Main Quests, making the rest of the players benefit from his complet ion.

13. If I quit the Arena before it ends, what will happen to my heroes when battle time ends?
They will be redirected to the start cit. If the union you belong to doesn’t prevail, then your Glory will be deducted accordingly as the result of defeat .

14. Is the Hero Item used before entering Arena still effective after entering Arena ?

15. Are there any other battles besides Yellow Turban Rebellion and Guan Du Battle?
No. Currently we only offer two Battles. For further information, please check our website and forum.

16. No response after I click Choose Troops?
Choose Troops means selecting one troop out of the two troops in Arena. Now you can operate on the troop you select.

17. If a player enters Arena when the battle has been fought half way. How does he get his share of rewards?

Players can only share the rewards from Arena Quests and nothing else. Also, all players must be present during the completion of Aren a Quests.

18. Do the troops in Arena consume Food?
Food would be consumed before you even enter Arena. Lack of Food would prevent you from entering the Arena when you are on an expedition. But once your troops have entered the Arena, they don’t consume Food any more.

19. If you haven’t captured the Pve City, will its troops be recovered partially or slowly?

Before the Arena closes, the troops in Arena won’t be recovered. So you should keep striking until you taste the sweet fruit of victory.

20. When battle remaining time turns 0, will my Arena Glory be deducted?

If battle remaining time turns 0 and you fail to complete the Main Quests, you have failed. Arena Glory will be deducted acco rdingly.

21. What happens when neither side completes Main Quests when PVP Arena ends?
If neither side completes Main Quests when PVP Arena ends, then it is defeat for both sides. Glory will be deducted accordingly but the rewards from Bonus Quests can remain.

22. Can I use Mercenary Order in PVP Arena?
Sure. You can apply Mercenary Order in any Arena to recruit Me rcenaries.

23. How is the remaining Mercenaries converted to Glory?
100 Mercenaries are converted into 1 Battle Glory.

24. What to do with the recruited Mercenaries when I fail to complete Main Quest within the Battle Time?
Mercenaries cannot be taken out of the Arena. They will be converted to Battle Glory once you le ave the Arena.

25 Arena Player Limit is set at what?
Arena Player Limit for Yellow Turban Rebellion is 5, whereas Arena Player Limit for Guan D u Battle is 20.

26. Who has the authority to remove an ally that has already joined in our troops from the Pve Arena?
The creator of Pve Arena decides who should join the Arena. If the invitation has been sent and accepted, then it is not allowed to remove the invitee from the Arena. However, you can remove the invitee before the invitat ion is accepted.

27. How to invite friends into Arena
Click Friend button to invite friends into Arena. Click Arena Menu on the lower right button and choose Arena’s Member where you insert the name of that player.

28. How to get Arena Quests?

Most Arena Quests are automatically assigned when you enter Arena, while some of the Main Quests are activated according to player ’s battling course.

29. How to find my own troops location in Arena
Once your troops have reached a PvE City, the heraldry signaling troops location will flash. Normally, your troops are stationed at the Start PvE City. But if your troops are on an expedition, the heraldry wouldn’t flash.

30. If a player enters Arena when the battle has been fought half way. How does he get his share of rewards?
You can obtain battle rewards in 3 ways, by eliminating enemies, completing Arena Quests and gaining victory. Those rewards cannot be shared by others. Players can only share the rewards from Arena Quests and nothing else. But if the player enters the Arena right after certain Arena Quests have been completed, then he cannot enjoy any share of the rewards at all.

31. Will there be a huge disparity in troop population between the two sides in PvE Arena?
PvE Arena estimates the troop population from both sides before opening for battles. If there is an imbalance between the two sides, the PvE Arena won’t be activated. But once the PvE Arena is activated, there could be imbalance as one side attracts increasing number of players while the other fails to ret ain player’s attention.

32 When is Bureau Crossing Battle active?
From 8 am of one day to 2 am of the next day.

33. If I delete my battle equipments by mistake, can I purchase them again?
No, you can not purchase them again.

34. Why is Military Orders Bond purchasable both at Item Mall and Arena?
Military Orders Bond is purchased at Item Mall with Diamonds or Vouchers but it is purc hased at Arena with Glory.

35 If my city is conquered when I am in Arena. What will happen to the troops and heroes residing in my city?
Entering Arena means you troops are out on an expedition. So the troops and heroes in your captured city will be lost forever.

36. Why do I have zero Glory?
There is limit on how much Glory a player can receive in one battle. The limit is related to the level of Arena. If you cannot gain Glory in an Arena for having reached the limit, join another Arena so that you can gain more new Glories.

What time is arena battle count reset for EU3 (Kingory Time)?

The arena resets at 5 am every day as far as i'm aware