. We knew how we were selling it,”

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Beers came up with a strategy to test them, based loosely on the Food Network show Cupcake Wars. Every one who brought a potential solution got an assignment. She told them:Go build it for me in one hour. Bring it back to me. Tell me if the idea is still viable. If it’s Nike Air Max 2017 Dames still viable, tell me what makes it viable or what’s limiting it.Beers called it “learning fast,” as opposed to “fail fast,” the unofficial motto of Silicon Valley. The team quickly figured out the limiting factors in building the shoe, like where they needed to wait for technology to advance. Motors and electromagnets had to get smaller before Nike could Nike Air Huarache Damen use them as it wanted, which is part of the reason the idea took so long to come to fruition.To keep testing the ideas, Beers Nike Roshe Run Damen and the team kept handing out additional assignments. If the first idea was viable, the person or group that proposed it then had four hours to flesh it out and see if it still held up. The next round was two or three days. Nike Air Max 90 FemmeFinally, the ideas still standing got a week in which to actually be turned into a product.“We went through this many, many times Nike Air Max 2017 Femme in the course of the HyperAdapt,” Beers said, “especially in learning how to set the lacing and how to get it to balance so that it fit multiple people well.”Though a shoe that would automatically lace right after you put it on was the original goal, it wasn’t necessarily the best option for a real product. Beers says the team spent a lot of time considering Adidas Superstar Femme the possibilities, such as putting buttons on the shoe so the user could decide when and how much to tighten it, or having a remote on a wristband that would offer the same control. Nike Air Huarache Femme Because the shoe was foremost about the user experience—as opposed to, say, performance or cost—that was an aspect they couldn’t afford to get wrong.Again, they needed to test. But they couldn’t yet build a real auto-lacing shoe, so they simulated one:We had in fact models of the HyperAdapt Nike Air Max 720 Femme that were on remote. They were on remote that we threw together super quickly. We tested it on people in a matter of a couple of hours to find out if autolacing would be impactful and useful in what the customer wanted.The awe on people’s faces when the shoes appeared to lace themselves was evidence that there was no substitute for genuine auto-lacing. “Nike Air Max 90 Femme We knew where we were going. We knew how we were selling it,” Beers said, adding that simulating the user experience was a fast, inexpensive way of getting answers about how valuable the idea was.The finished shoe uses sensors that can sense tension and the volume of the foot inside. When you put it on, the shoe closes to a comfortable amount of tension, forming around the shape of the wearer’s foot.A sneaker isn’t the easiest place to embed an electronic lacing engine. There is Nike Air Max 270 Damen limited space, moisture from sweat, and the normal impacts of walking and running.