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This world was originally a world in which the gap existed. We live in such a world mokingusacigarettes.com. The gap is an objective reality that can never be avoided. There are various differences between society and nature Marlboro Lights. Naturally, there are also unavoidable gaps between people for various reasons. Every life is born with uncertainty. No living body can determine where and when it was born, nor can it choose its own origin, the family environment, the social environment and the natural environment. On the other hand, subject to various factors, the development of each region is not the same. There are differences in culture, economy, science and technology, transportation, and life. Even if we work hard, it will be difficult to make up. Subject to various conditions, people in different regions, different people in the same region, different families, and people from different backgrounds of life have different standards for life, and their pursuits are different. There are also differences in ideological realms and visions. This is unavoidable. People who are in poverty-stricken areas, whether they are children or adults, can't compare their thoughts and dreams with their lives. Adults and children living in big cities are two very different societies. Some time ago, I took my child back to my hometown. I heard two neighbors talking outside the yard. The topic of discussion was the shoes worn on their feet. One said with a satisfied expression: "I bought these shoes." It feels good, it is a bit expensive, 30 yuan a pair." Another said: "I also bought a pair of shoes, which is now worn on the feet, not bad, worth 40 yuan, this is the most expensive pair of shoes I wear. "The daughter ran to me and said quietly: "The shoes of three or forty yuan are expensive, and they are very pleasant and incredible." I stopped my daughter and prevented her from speaking. In her daughter��s own words, her cheapest shoes are worth no more than one hundred yuan. I recently saw a report about the 2014 Children��s Day, and the two departments invited two children to participate in the celebration. Activities, one from the capital Beijing, a deep mountain from the northwest, during the activity, a reporter asked two children: "What is your dream?" Beijing children said: "I want to have a plane that truly belongs to me. Driving in the blue sky.�� The child from the deep mountains in the northwest said shyly: ��I want to have a pair of white sneakers Marlboro Cigarettes, a Boeing plane and a pair of white sneakers, the satisfaction of the pair of forty yuan shoes. The huge gap between them is an objective reality. We can't despise the children who have a pair of sneaker dreams and the rural middle-aged women who are satisfied with a pair of 30-40 yuan shoes, nor can they look up or admire the children and wearers who have Boeing planes. Famous brands, luxury cars, and wealthy people living in luxury houses, there is a huge gap in the environment of their respective living and living Newport 100S, which also creates a dream of life. The huge gap in thinking. The basic living conditions of children in the backcountry are difficult for many people to achieve, and there is no way to have a bigger dream. They may sometimes consider a book, a school bag, a dictionary, a chance to go to school or A chance to go to school is the biggest dream. On the contrary, children living in a superior environment can't understand the dreams of children in distress. Maybe people are living differently because of their different environments and conditions. The pursuit and dream are different. Under normal circumstances, the environment determines everything. He can decide a person's height of thought, vision, mind, and even the ideal of life. I have thought about why in our country, fake and shoddy goods. Repeatedly prohibiting, this is not unrelated to the huge urban-rural gap, regional differences, income gap, etc. The meager income and the shadow of the small-scale peasant economy determine their level of consumption. They dare not expect to enjoy higher consumption Newport Cigarettes Coupons, only to enjoy inferior goods. This also creates a huge consumer market for inferior goods, in huge demand and huge The interests of the people are swaying, and the people who are taking risks are going forward; it is precisely because of the existence of a huge poverty group that counterfeit and shoddy products can unblock the gap between the rich and the poor in this land, so that more people can live a happy life. It is the basic starting point and the end result of our party's reform and opening up. The government should think and research, formulate relatively reasonable policies, create more opportunities, and not forget the original intention of the party's reform and opening up policy. Efforts from various aspects, using effective methods to help more people live in life and live with dignity may be an indispensable part of the great Chinese dream.
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