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Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jude Law David Golden Goose Cronenberg is one sick puppy. The Canadian writer-director, whose creepy canon includes Crash and Dead Ringers, isn't about to go sunny side up. eXistenZ shows yet again that when it comes to putting the "ick" in sick, he's the man.
Not that eXistenZ, a futuristic thriller with heavy sexual overtones, isn't fascinating and fun in a dark, dark way. A computer-game designer (Leigh) spends the movie eluding assassins while playing a virtual reality game called eXistenZ. She plays by plugging an umbilical cord-like rope into a "bioport," a hole surgically punched into her back, and then massaging a "pod," a soft pink mass that looks like a cross between a fetus and a breast. What does it all mean? Beats me. (R)
Bottom Line: Not for the Golden Goose Sale squeamish, but we're game

Golden Goose Storia Brand Indossa le mutandine o no?A History of Violence di David Cronenberg. Tratto da una celebre graphic novel, A History of Violence ci mostra una delle scene di passione più selvagge della storia del cinema. Golden Goose Storia Brand Il regista sottolinea il cambiamento di Viggo Mortensen