Vertical Mill manufacturers

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[Maximum feed]: 30
[Maximum output of single machine]: 110
[Motor power]: 5400
[Application range]: Steel slag grinding production line
[Applicable materials]: Steel slag
Product Introduction
ZJTL steel slag vertical mill sets crushing conveying grinding drying grading in one with high grinding efficiency drying ability and other characteristics. It implements the process simplified less covering area saving investment greatly reduce powder consumption and long services life and high rates of operation of superfine grinding technology innovation processand get many national patents. Our steel slag mill grinding efficiency system power consumption does not exceed 50kWh / t the specific surface area of the steel slag powder can be up to 4500 ~ 5000 cm2/g superior performance.
Structure Principle
The electric motor drives the disc to rotate by a reducer and the material falls from the feeding port to the center of the disc through the feeder and hot air enters the mill from the air inlet. As the disc rotates the material moves to the edge of the disc due to the centrifugal force. After passing through the annular groove on the disc it is crushed by the grinding roller. After pulverization the material is brought up by the high-speed airflow of the wind ring and the large particles directly fall into the disc. On the re-grinding when the material in the airflow passes through the upper classifier the coarse powder falls from the conical bucket to the grinding disk and is reground after the rotating rotor acts. The qualified fine powder is milled together with the airflow and collected by the dust collecting device. The product containing moisture is dried during contact with the hot air stream. By adjusting the temperature of the hot air it can meet the requirements for different humidity materials. By adjusting the separator the required fineness of different products can be achieved.
Technical Advantage
1. Set of system can complete low operating costs
2. The vertical mill system consumes 20% less electricity than ball mill
3. Low dust pollution less dust
4. High iron rate increase economic efficiency
5. Lead slag discharge belt reduce grinding roller wear
6. Product fineness can be guaranteed at 480-500 m2/kg
Technical ParameterVertical Mill manufacturers

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