World of Warcraft Classic - Fury Warrior Stage 5 Cloak

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The World of Warcraft Wyatt Classic game will open its fifth phase next week, and I'm sure many players are already rubbing their hands and preparing for the new journey. And there are many new equipment launched, and one of them is the two melee best cloaks that have become the center of attention of warrior players, so which one of these two melee best cloaks is better? This article will give you an overview of each of them.

Two Stage 5 Melee Cloaks, one is a Warrior Exclusive Cloak (Firm Strength Cloak) that was exchanged at Anchor Scrap, and the other is an Intense Hatred Cloak that drops a copy of Anchor.

Comparison of The Base Properties of The Two Capes

The base attributes of the Drape of Unyielding Strength are: 15 points of Strength, 30 points of Attack Strength, 9 points of Endurance, 9 points of Agility, 0.45% Blitz, and the green character attribute is an increase of 1% to hit.

The base attribute of the Cloak of Concentrated Hatred is 11 points of Strength,, 22 points of Attack Strength, 15 points of Endurance, 16 points of Agility, 0.8% of Blitz, and the green character attribute is also an increase of 1% of hit.

The difference between the two is also less than 1 attack strength strong, which shows that there is almost no big difference between the two capes in attributes. From this, it can be seen that the player can choose either of the two capes, but personally I feel that the Ankara Ruins drop firm strength cape is more cost-effective.

The drape of unyielding strength is shared by mages, thieves, warriors and priests, but other than warriors, the cloaks of the other three professions have very average attributes, so the price won't be high, but the strong hatred cloak dropped by Ankara is the fifth stage of the thief all want to get, in this case, the price is bound to be very high, since the attributes of the two cloaks are similar, then it is highly recommended that you warrior players choose the firm strength cloak.

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