Yoga Mat Free Sample

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NON-TOXIC: TPE that is in most of our competitors' mats is highly TOXIC. Multiple studies have been published that cite the chemicals in plastic (PVC) yoga mats as hormone disrupting and carcinogenic. Our natural mat is completely free of any chemicals or TPE commonly found in fitness mats.
NATURALLY ANTIMICROBIAL AKA NO ODORS OR GERMS: Cork is naturally antimicrobial, so even when workouts are super sweaty, unlike rubber or plastic mats, your mat will stay clean and odor free.
NON-SLIP GRIP ENHANCED WHEN WET: Cork gets even more traction the wetter that it gets which makes it the perfect material for a workout mat. As you move through your workout your grip will be enhanced. However, most people won't sweat on the bottom of their mats, so we added natural rubber to give you substantially better traction that an all cork mat. If mat is too slippery, slightly wet your hands or lightly spritz with water for a better grip.
ECO-FRIENDLY: Cork is a 100% biodegradable resource which comes from a plant that is rapidly renewable and sustainably collected. The natural rubber is also from a plant and completely biodegradable. Unlike plastic mats that will sit in landfills for thousands of years, this mat will completely biodegrade and won't add to our landfills!
DURABLE: Natural rubber keeps your mat from tearing. Will not tear with intense use! Thick and strong mat proven to stand up for multiple years of your yoga practice or fitness routine.Yoga Mat Free Sample