food train locked up

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server EU2
player Sparrow Hawk

ive lost troops due to my food train being locked up and held atthe same time when there should be a hour difference in arrival and departure time.
here's a picture of what i saw to day, there should be no returns, they are all set as dispatch s why are they  returning, i kept getting bumped off last nite  since you started this new round of bull "cowherd / maiden" crap, its cost me a huge army that i want back. ive ran food train for 3 days with no problem till now

and this time please contact me as i have not heard from any of you about my other complaints

If we got into the boat muffled up and appeared a little drunk, we could get ... Until then, you'll be locked up and starved. ... The hopeful sign was that they brought us the same food as the crew ate – rice and steamed fish – and jars of water.

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