The Arena King Event for Inter 5

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Hi there Kingorites, are you ready for the new server Inter 5? You’ll have opportunity to get awesome gear.

Time Frame: 12:00 July 20 - 12:00 July 29, Friday, 2011 (Kingory time, Europe Time).

“The Arena King” is special for those who are skilled in battles. Top ranked players in Arena will receive equips as follows:

The champion will receive a full set of King Kit (12 pieces):

The runner-up will receive 10 pieces of King Kit :

The second runner-up will receive 8 pieces of King Kit:

The 4th to 6th places will receive 6 pieces of King Kit:

The 7th to 10th places will receive 4 pieces of King Kit;

Others, every player who get at least 25,000 Glory will receive 2 pieces of King Kit!


Let the battles begin!


1. The glory refers to the player’s total glory at Rank--Arena.

2. The rewards will be delivered to your item box after three days.

There is a Top ten player event on inter 5 ? You mention arena king event is for players who missed a chance to be a top 10 player, so I am confused

So a competition for the top ten people in rankings who are more or less the top ten people in the arena rankings.. 
Another great Kingory event to try to get more people to play the game

The Arena King Event Results:

The champion : Ken Needs Lover
The runner-up: Trix
The second runner-up: Venus Diablo

The 4th to 6th places: Loki, dafunk, the hammer

The 7th to 10th places: Dufus, thor, soon, MugGer

i think u made a mistake.
im no 9.
soon no,. 10 and mugger no 11..
this event ended 29 july 12.00 kingory time.
so, pls check it once again.

i started today with 95216 glory + 1579 (daily glory)
even soon just has 91976 glory till now!

Sidney EU5
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my  glory is 72656  but i don't get 2 armors, others have got.WHY????

Him    EU5

The players hide ip address, are prohibited to participate in any event.

one ID is mine ,the oher is mine friend's, if i have time ,i care them,if he has time ,he will care them ,why lock our ID???

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hide IP address??????
i play in my home, my office, my gf's home.
how can u tell me, i hide my IP address??????
and idk, how to hide IP address!!!!!

this event is only for inter5..? can we have some events on inter4 as well? i've been playin for almost 2 months on inter4 and have not seen a single event....