How to get a good hero in Kingory

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  • Step 1                                                                                 
  • Before a Famous hero can be taken you need a good tavern hero. Even before you start building your army a good tavern hero is very important. A level 100 hero with 200 bravery can reduce the  time of building troops and can amplifie your troops damage by a amazing %200. So those 20k archers now hit like 60k archers. Your barracks become more efficient building troops almost 2 times faster. Moving your bravery hero from city to city is recommended.
  • Step 2    Choosing a good hero in the beginning is very important because you dont to invest the hours into a hero just to have turn out to have 160 bravery at level 100. The way you do this if to guess his base bravery. Base bravery would be his current bravery with out items or other enhancements, minus his level. So for every level your hero gets he gets a skill point to spend. When looking at a tavern hero those skill points are randomly spent into Bravery,Intelligence and Politics. Elixirs would need to be used to reassign all of those skill points into bravery.
  • Step 3                                                                                                                                          A hero from tavern can be hard to judge if its going to be a decent one or not, a simple way to guess its base stats is to take its level and and divide that buy 3 then deduct that from his current bravery being shown. So  a hero with 80 bravery and level 10 would probably have 76 bravery give or take a point. And a hero with 76 bravery and level of 25 would not be a good hero to buy from tavern because the bravery would probably only be 67 . Multiple city's with taverns at least 6 or greater to have more chances of obtaining a bravery hero and is also helpful for obtaining Int and Pol hero's.
  • Step 4                                                                                                                                                    A hero can go way above the experience needed to level him and this can be effective if you do not wish to spend the gold on upkeep for the hero, but the lower the level of a hero the less experience they can get for battles they fight. example a level 15 hero has a experience bar that looks like 0/22500. So this hero could only get %90 of that experience for one battle. So a level 8 YTVT that gives 200k experience normly to higher level hero would only give the level 15 hero 20050 experience. Tao of War and field exercises are most effective up to level 30 to get past the low levels to take full advantage of higherlevel Wilderness and YTVT citys.
  • Step 5
                                                                        The simplest method of leveling your hero that only requires 8999 archers is to level your hero off of level 10 wilderness that have connecting squares to your city like in the image below. If you abandon your level 10 wilderness every day and reconquer them they will always stay at level 10. Once you have all level 10 wilderness surrounding your city you can get upto 700k hero experience per hour!

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