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personally experience the financial reform in Ferragamo Belt beyond imagined heat. However, with the promotion of comprehensive reform of Ferragamo Belt financial reform zone, some of the reform of Ferragamo Belt financial reform ideas and practices began to looming. As we all know, for the Ferragamo Belt financial reform, the State Council has only introduced 12 content is not very detailed content, how private lending, private finance how to set up banks and other financial institutions, there is no specific road map. In other words, the State Council on the Ferragamo Belt financial reform pilot area of ??this drama, just to the principle of the guiding program, and did not give Ferragamo Belt specific script, specifically how to play, the puzzle and the initiative to the Ferragamo Belt. For this point, the author has repeatedly stressed that this did not give the specific script of the practice is to ensure the success of Ferragamo Belt financial reform key to Ferragamo Belt future reform enough imagination, Ferragamo Belt can take advantage of this point, and give full play to the local actors Imagination, shoot a classic large. However, the fact that this is not the script of the reform has become the Ferragamo Belt financial reform pilot area construction of the biggest obstacle, accustomed to any things up report, accustomed to no explicit consent, are not dry officials, from the beginning to develop "Implementation plan" to the specific implementation, is a step and urgent need to boldly innovate, do not deliberately delineate the scope, encourage the act of choice, as far as possible not set the proposition composition of the real reform contrary to the work. I and the local institutions, officials exchange, we are not clear for the State Council some things seem helpless, so in the implementation of the program, as much as possible refinement and refinement. At the same time, they have a strong risk aversion tendency for the reform itself, and therefore, in the formulation of specific implementation programs, the idea is to try to manage risk. In the eyes of many people, Ferragamo Belt financial reform comprehensive test, the basic evolution, on the one hand, the establishment of some financial institutions, on the other hand, some departments to upgrade, expand, expand, to manage financial reform matters. For example, the former financial office upgrade to the Monetary Authority, staffing has also expanded a lot, to some extent become the Ferragamo Belt financial reform pilot area of ??the most core operations, and some other relevant departments are also trying to expand their own departments The right to speak and the right to participate in the construction of a comprehensive pilot area. If the reform of the Ferragamo Belt financial comprehensive trial has become a local government and the relevant departments of a campaign to expand the power, this reform is destined to start the seeds of failure.

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