Reform provides creative experience

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The reason why the State Council chose Ferragamo Belt as a pilot project of the comprehensive reform of the financial reform, precisely because the former for the mainstream financial system and financial reform too much control, making private finance there is no path to enter the mainstream system. The State Council this time in Ferragamo Belt as a test base, on the one hand hope that Ferragamo Belt can be in the legalization of civil finance and the establishment of small and medium financial institutions service system for the country to accumulate experience, on the other hand, through the vitality and imagination of Ferragamo Belt private finance, Reform provides creative experience. The purpose of this reform must be achieved in the decentralization of private finance for the masses of actors to give imagination to give enough space, rather than just through the establishment of a number of regulatory agencies, the private finance to control, through officials and administrative Will, for the Ferragamo Belt financial reform design a set of lifeless, there is no room for innovation out of the program, if the idea of ??reform is so, why should the pilot in Ferragamo Belt, why give more expectations of Ferragamo Belt? It is no exaggeration to say that Ferragamo Belt financial reform is a self-salvation of Ferragamo Belt's private finance, and it is also a great opportunity for Fake Ferragamo Belt financial break the deadlock in reform. Since it is a reform, since it is a pilot area, since it is a pilot, why should we shrink your hands and why should we strengthen the regulatory awareness? Ferragamo Belt financial reform is not the key to the success of the establishment of the number of regulatory authorities, from the central to how much to kill the power to win, but whether there is respect for the market, respect for Ferragamo Belt folk innovation and subjective initiative, and no respect for the actor's self that power. The history of human finance has been proven many times, and will continue to prove that the real reform is definitely not out of the tube, but put out. According to the Cheap Ferragamo Belts Securities News reported that in the winter under the control of real estate, this year, there have been including Hongda shares, Hengshun vinegar, blonde technology, western mining, Shuijingfang 16 main non-real estate-related listed companies began to withdraw from the property market The Up to now, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing four major property rights are listed on the real estate property rights transactions 100 cases, reaching the highest value in history. Of which the listing price of more than 50 million yuan a total of 40 projects, 12 projects more than 100 million yuan, the total transfer amount of more than 10 billion yuan. This and the first two years when the real estate crazy, everyone loves real estate to form a sharp contrast to the two days.

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