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Dear players!

Are you interesting in being a GM? Just answer the questions of the newbies, maintain the forum.

Follow this thread with your user name of both forum and game. Welcome to join us now!
Game Username: xxx
Forum Username: xxxx
Possible Online Duration: xx: xx ~ xx: xx (up to game server time)
Email: xxx@xxx.xx(optional)

updated Moderator List please see downstairs!

PS: Moderator Rules please see
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Moderator List

Glad to see that so many players wanna be a moderator.Please pay attention before applying, there are two preconditions to being a GM:
1. if you are active in world channel, and friendly to everyone.
2. if your are active in forum.

We will consider you as GM if you really come up to these two criterion.

Welcome our new moderators:

Game Username: Zhou Yu     

Forum Username: xalheart

Possible Online Duration: 9.00 AM- 11.00 AM

Game Username: soshi
Forum Username: soshi
Possible Online Duration: 06:00x ~ 18:00 (server time)
Email: available in pm upon request

####### Bonus in April  dispatched#########


Username: jamitis
Possible Online Duration: 14: 00 ~ 18: 30  game server time
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Game Username: GiaLac2010
Forum Username: gialac2010
possible Online Duration: 12h a day start from 18:00 Kingory time

game: crazycat
fourm: crazycat
all day any day

game: Hefty
fourm: Hefty
all day any day

game: SMURF
fourm: SMURF
Any time Any day

Do we have power to mute people on world channel ..Today , too many Ppl speak bad word and harrasing other ...

In-Game Username:Zhou Yu

Forum Username:xalheart

Possible Online Duration:4.00PM - 6.00PM GMT + 8 Singapore

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Dear Gm
i am only online after school which is also during 5.00PM - 6.00PM ill have to fetch my brother from school and i would like to play it after 6.00PM.


What the server time r u online?

O9.00 - 11.00
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