New Ssm kit!

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Emerald launcher (right click with your axe to throw a deadly emerald doing up to 17 attack damage depending how far the target is) [recharge 12 seconds]
sword ability: Revenge of the villager (right click to send a barrage of emeralds that cripple your enemy deals 5% knockback but can do some serious damage) [cooldown 8 seconds] {barrage lasts for 1.2 seconds)
Smash crystal ability: Villager Rage Mode (your melee attacks deal +45% damage and gives them slowness III for 5 seconds and weakness II for 3 seconds a more advanced version of crippling blow basicly) [Note once you hit an enemy you cant use the ability again also give you slowness and makes the target easy to kill)
Passive A: Permanent Speed I
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