Mahogany furniture talk about ingenuity and conscience

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Chinese furniture art is a treasure of national traditional culture. However, the market hot money to invest in mahogany furniture speculation to disrupt the market order,Silla de playa verde chaise lounge so that customers can not effectively identify the quality of furniture under the premise of the seller without the bottom line of the "low" business caused "starved to death, exhausted themselves, pit Dead industry "bad consequences. China's light industry information center Oriental Aesthetic Research Institute Director Han Guorong special trip to visit Art carving mahogany, and the first Shanghai furniture art master Shi Hebing artisans on the "ingenuity and conscience" for the exchange of ideas and exchanges.
Sixty years, enough to make a place earth-shaking changes. It is located in the city of Zhujiang City, which is located on the banks of the river in the 1950s. It is the administrative department of the 1950s, which has scattered the mahogany family workshops and individual handicraftsmen in the city, such as Jiang Rongxing, Mao Quan Tai, Zhang Yongtai and Cheng Taixing, to carry out export business, So that the sea mahogany furniture in the traditional form of convergence of the international concept of modern life,Muebles de jardín de hierro fundido antiguo selling Europe and the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and other places for the country profitability. After the surge in orders, Zhu Xingyi carving city in Changshu, Nantong and other places to set up a number of joint ventures, to promote the Yangtze River Delta region mahogany overall level of technology to enhance.
The rejuvenation of the city for the construction and development of Zhu Xingyi dedicated to the long life of the Korean president Rongyuan filled with emotion: "Zhu Jieyi carving city is the emphasis on 'apply exquisite' Shanghai spirit, its context can be traced back to the early Republic Years, the passage of time, art carving mahogany thriving to undertake a hundred years from the text, Shi He Bing master by virtue of the furniture quality of the persistent pursuit of the 'old' full of vigor and vitality. "Timber carefully selected, design creative,Mesa de picnic círculo las mejores ofertas craft excellence , Art carving mahogany furniture fusion of the traditional spirit, innovative thinking, fashion pursuit, embodies the essence of Oriental aesthetics, and Shanghai this city constitutes a spiritual homology.