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Yankees Not Targeting Max Scherzer - RealGM Wiretap The New York Yankees confirmed Thursday that they are highly unlikely to big on free-agent Max Scherzer.

"The chances of us bringing in a guy for six [years] and $25 million or over in my opinion is virtually none ,'' president Randy Levine said. "At the end of the day you have to be realistic in any organization."

Levine did not mention Scherzer by name, but his comments echoed those of two sources who spoke with ESPN on Wednesday.

"He's a great pitcher," the source said of Scherzer, "but not even the Yankees can have three $25 [million] to $30 million pitchers on the payroll. You just can't."
? After several months without a chief executive, ITV has handed the reigns over to 46 year old Royal Mail boss, Adam Crozier. Television networks have suffered during the downturn, putting pressure on industry leaders to enhance viewer and advertising interest whilst adapting to new media trends. With no broadcasting experience , will Adam Crozier succeed in modernising the established ITV?

Chantl du Plooy finds out why chairman Archie Norman chose Crozier and what the new chief executives challenges will be.

Driving ITV forward
Britains media industry is currently proliferated with digital channels and online TV. This new trend in the sector intensifies the job of free to air commercial broadcasters to attract viewers and to keep them.

During the last decade, the network endured extreme lows. With the media industry changing almost overnight, ITV wasted time and resources on mistaken opportunities like OnDigital and FriendsReunited. This was made even worse by an advertising recession.

Michael Grade, former ITV executive chairman failed to meet the high targets he set in 2007. Objectives included 150m in revenue from online sales by 2010 which he then extended to 2012.

Last April, Grades decision to act as non executive chairman provoked an eight month search for a suitable chief executive. However, pressure from the board led to Grade departing the company altogether, leaving ITV with two vacant driving seats.

In November , Archie Norman, ex Asda boss who is renowned for saving ailing companies, was appointed as chairman.

After necessary cost cutting measures and the introduction of knock out programmes such as Britains Got Talent and The X Factor, ITV ratings improved and advertising interest increased. As a result, Norman could focus on the most important thing the company needed: another visionary at its helm.

We ve already got a disproportionate number of star broadcasters. We need someone who will bring this company together and drive it forward, he told The Independent.

Enter Adam Crozier.

Steely resolve

After completing his studies in business organisation at Heriot Watt University, Crozier sold Pedigree pet food at Mars UK. He moved on to selling advertising at Telegraph Newspapers before becoming joint UK chief executive at global advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.

Between 2000 and 2002 , Crozier restructured the conventional Football Association (FA). He lifted eyebrows by appointing Sven Gran Eriksson, the first ever foreigner to manage and coach Englands team; secured funding for the Wembley stadium; and doubled the FAs turnover.

In 2003, Crozier joined Royal Mail. During his six years at the group, Crozier managed to transform a company that lost 1m per day into one that made 1m per day.

Unfortunately, modernisation meant cutting jobs and overworking staff which in turn lead to the much publicised national strikes. Crozier showed exceptional negotiating talents through union talks, but while government was planning to part privatise and eventually privatise the group, Crozier decided to seek greener pastures.

According to The Guardian , ITV searched long and hard for their new chief executive, but Crozier was Normans first choice. Croziers personified leadership skills impressed the newly appointed chairman and Norman felt he also embodied the steely resolve that ITV needed.

Rising to the challenge
There are also sceptics who cant see Crozier achieving success in a broadcasting role.

One senior media sector banker expressed his fears to The Independent:

The view is that he is a lucky devil, slipping from one slightly mixed bag to another. ITV is back to a cabaret act with Archie and Adam, but neither have media experience when you d think ITV would have played it straight with a media person.

Although the concerns are valid, Norman has made it perfectly clear that ITV doesnt need a programming expert. Rather, it requires someone to transform the entire company.

Crozier wont slash costs or shed jobs, but he will need to reorganise ownership of hits like The X Factor or negotiate online money making rights. The new ITV chief executive will also have to boost advertising revenues through preventing talents like Peter Fincham to move to independents.

However , Croziers biggest challenge will be to revolutionise ITV so it becomes a serious contender in the multimedia arena. With regards to his new workload and all the challenges that lie ahead of him, Crozier remains confident.

The entire media sector is going through enormous change and that presents both great opportunities and significant challenges for everyone in the industry, he told BBC News.

The objective for ITV is to rise to those challenges and put itself at the forefront of change. I am very much looking forward to working with the people at ITV and leading the transformation ahead.

Only time will tell if Adam Crozier will be able to drive ITV in the right direction. One thing is for sure: his trials and tribulations will be br. Cheap NFL Jerseys China  Cheap NFL Jerseys  Cheap Jerseys From China  Cheap Jerseys China  Cheap Jerseys