Do You Like the Sports Game Release Calendar?

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Not only did we start off release season in July with NCAA Football (oh those were the days!) but we ended in October or November with the newest WWE game. In between all of that madness was a steady stream of sports game releases which were timed well enough to allow people to digest each release before the next one came.

In short, we had a solid four months or so of sports game releases only just a few years ago.

Today not only do we have fewer games, but they're all released in a very short time span.

Madden is released in late August to kick us off, then FIFA, NHL, and NBA 2K all come within a few weeks of each other in September and WWE is all the way into Mid to Early October.

What used to be a four month celebration has turned into a mind-numbing six week sprint.

Does it have to be this way? I don't think so. Its possible a title or two could be moved around to give us more breathing room -- but is it even a big deal? Does anyone else care?

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