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<br>Daily Routine - Hairh3<br><br>Sorry for the delay again - the phone has not stopped ringing since 8am... <br><br>Just in the last couple years I have learned to embrace my thick, dry, straight dark brown/black hair. When I was younger my hair didnt feather without having to have a perm. In college I longed to have blond hair but always came out with a shade of orange. I have had short hair (ear length) and now I am on a mission to grown it out just a little past my chest, I have an inch more to go. <br><br>I have been lucky in that my mom is a hair stylist, so over the years I havent had to pay for my hair care. But remember your mom is always going to do your hair the way she wants to see it. My mom is very good and if you live in the Vancouver, WA area please go see her! Kathy Migaki 360-254-5633. I just needed to see someone that wasnt related to me, so I could communicate my needs and hang ups. So a couple of years ago I found Emmanuel Santana at the Paul Mithcell school in downtown Portland. He is one of the main instructors and is a whiz with the scissors. <br><br>This is a picture of a good hair day for me - sorry for the lo res photo. I am at the six week mark where I go in for a cut to thin out the weight of my hair and a  brazilian hair PM Shine. Which is a color boost by Paul Mitchell. Then at the 12 weeks I do a cut and full color. <br><br>Again look for a professional. They will be able to determine what your hair style is right for your face, what color is good for your skin tone, the condition of your hair and what is a good fit for your lifestyle. Also Emann colors my hair so I dont have to go back every four to six weeks - he colors it so the grow out will look good for 12 weeks. Way better for my budget! If you have a Paul Mitchell school in your area this is an inexpensive way  hair weave to get your hair done. Dont be scared - there are teachers there to supervise and can fix when needed. Make sure your stylist takes the time to show you how to do your hair so when you go home you can achieve the look. Remember though because most of us do not have double jointed arms this is going to be tough especially for the back of your head - where  hair weave you dont have the stylist perspective. <br><br>The tools - fortunately I have tried both the inexpensive (drugstore) and the expensive (salon) tools. Unfortunately the expensive tools are the ones that work without harming my hair and cut my styling time in half. <br><br>T3 Featherweight Dryer - I fought buying this tooth and nail, even at my moms cost! But now my hair dries faster, sleeker and smooth. NO frizziness! People tend not to dry their hair completely and you always want to direct the dryer down the shaft of your hair. Here is an article here Brushes - Paul Mitchell 413 and paddle brush. I really didnt think it mattered on the brush but I quickly learned again that with the right brushes everything styled much faster. Smoothing iron - this was a HUGE eye opener and my mom was so right. I had an inexpensive one from the drugstore and it worked OKAY - it was $20. But then when my mom or Emann would straighten my hair with their tools I quickly realized that my hair glided through their tool and mine would always get stuck. So it is important to get a real ceramic iron and your hair should glide through the iron like you were melting butter... The product - I have always used salon product on my hair because of my mom. There were a few times in college when I would run out so I would use a grocery store brand. When I did, my hair would either be greasy, full of static, or dull. So I learned early on that there is a difference. I also try to use products from the same manufacturer. Emann and my mom have told me that the products are developed to work together for optimum results. And because one of them is my mom I trust that she is not trying to sell me to get me to buy more! <br><br>Shampoo - Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint . This stuff smells so good! If you like lavender. This product line is good for colored hair and is really moisturizing. Have your stylist purchase big bottles of your shampoo - its what you use the most of and its cheaper if you buy in the bigger size. I try to only wash my hair every other day - or only wash the crown (where it will get greasy) and not the ends. My hair is on the dry side and because of the length I need my natural oils to get to the ends. Conditioner - Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint. Again I love the smell - I only use this on the ends of my hair. Styling product - Super Skinny serum and Super Skinny Relaxing Balm because I want my hair as straight as possible with NO fly aways. And Sculpting Foam . Remember to ask your stylist about amounts to use and how to apply to your hair. Before I straight iron I spray my hair with Illuminating Shine Spray - this protects it and makes it shinny!!! Giveaway for today <br><br>Three books: Journal Revolution, Collage Lost and Found and Artists Creating with Photos Two travel Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo  Conditioner sets - one for yourself and one to share with a friend... I trust that the winner will share with a good friend! The winner will be announced tomorrow before 10am PST please leave a comment to enter into the random drawing. Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for stopping by! <br>
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