Gps issues

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Hi there,So i have an iphone 6 with the latest ios and firstly my compass is backwards? When i sit in my bed and face the road with my phone it says I have my back to the road. That's not a big deal. What is a big deal is that i drove to the park today and there were several pokestops but once i got near them my gps still said i was too far and had me positioned very far near the entrance to the park. So i decided maybe its just a little miscalibrated so i walked a little farther past it and my character did not move. Then i got the gps signal not found message and i eventually had to close out the app. At the time i had 5 bars and lte so i don't see why I would be having problems establishing a gps connection. I did some research and found some people saying you needed to be connected to internet and I'm just like "then why is this pokestop a tree in the middle of the woods"?


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