My league called swords.

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Hello! I'm new to these Bulletin boards. I'm Gareth, But call me Gemini. Please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong forum.

I have a league called swords. I seek active players to my league. Right now I'm looking for 2 vice hosts and 5 officials. But I'm also accepting normal applications.

I came from, I have a good amount of experience, I'm more then happy to teach newbies if necessary.

My Introduction is as follows:
Our league is not a pyramid; There is no true ruler. There are only leaders and respect in this league. Join and become one of us! All applications are accepted!

You can find me on Server 2 (Europe 2).

Note: I'm on everyday, and I DO realize that Server 2 isn't full of active players. But I cannot join a league because nobody's online.


buddy server 2 is old now most of us in server 12.