Then pour it all over the blanching cabbage

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Then he took out a large piece of wild pork, fake gucci belt cut it into a uniform piece of meat, held it in salt, and salted it for about twenty minutes.

I took a few more Chinese cabbage and broke them into pieces, blanching them with water and putting them in a big bowl.

Rinse the pan replica designer belts and heat the oil until it is hot. Then add the sliced meat and cook the meat until it becomes discoloured.

The pot leave some oil, replica ferragamo belt saute pepper, fry fragrant after adding suitable amount of water, put some salt, such as water to boil and then put the meat into a pot of water, use chopsticks slightly spread out to avoid stick together to agglomerate.

Then pour it all over the blanching cabbage and sprinkle a lot of chili on it.

Another pot, pour oil, burn hot, replica versace belt pour on the meat piece, hula, aroma is overflowing.

When two dishes are cooked, the unique fragrance is spread, which makes the taste buds vibrate and the saliva fluid soars.