Which is decided by the above four points

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Bank insurance. This week it was a big drop, with xinhua insurance down by 6.08% and the most powerful industrial and commercial bank (icbc) down 6.02%, and both fell in rare places. I don't know what the signal is. So pay attention to the performance of these individual stocks, in case of a sudden and sharp attack.

Which is decided by the above four points need to be paid attention to next week, not rushing with these hot spots, the fact that the hot spots belong to two of three wave, look lively, the runner is also touched the thing. Instead of going to the rest of the tech sector, you're welcome to keep an eye on my "old weird Belt" real-time article. If the above plate stocks really problem, then the shock of the high fall will be quite large! Happy weekend.

Let's start with the disc on Thursday. The broad market of early dish jump 21 points, the amplitude is a bit big, afraid? Not afraid. Yesterday the article said that the market has a series of earthquake to happen, if not jump, how can it be like the previous day article said "one, two, once again"? Directly, that can only be called: one, two, three, four, five, and you want it! In the afternoon, the bank insurance narrowed the decline, the market was able to recover, the final shrinkage of the small drop, maintained a strong finishing process, replica goyard belt got a more satisfactory result.

From the policy surface today out an economic data, i.e., after the weather factor disturbance mitigation, Belt manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) in August was 51.7%, up 0.3% from the previous month, covering the short-term seasonal effect in July fell. The data is expected to be back up to above 51 percent for 11 consecutive months, indicating a steady economic recovery.