Jaina's Newfound Hatred of the Horde

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How is everyone feeling about her new personality. She sounds awfully pissed in her voice overs that were posted on the front page today. I know it's her responsibility to put everything aside and protect Theramore but is anyone else a little disappointed with the way things are turning out? We were pretty much told that Garrosh is the only idiot screwing up and he's going to pay for all his shit. It doesn't seem fair that Jaina hates everyone in the horde for the actions of that meathead douchebag that has been a screw up from the beginning.

The Jaina that I've "grown up" with since the good ol' days of WCIII was a peace loving woman. Some people may have found her too peaceful and boring. Some would complain that all she did was sit in her little tower and do nothing despite being one of the most powerful mortal mages on Azeroth. I understand her completely though. I would be pissed I guess. Even so, I think it's just not her character to be so anti-horde

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