Help me decide on which Race-Class combos to use!

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Among other issues, I find it difficult to play games when I don't have things in an orderly manner. Originally, I used to play Humans almost exclusively, but since then, I've begun to appreciate having diversity between the various Races. However, this means that I have a little work to do.
So, here's the deal; I'm going to lay out which Classes I would be comfortable having as which Races, and if you would, try your best to "LEGO" them together in such a way that I have 1 of every Class, without any of the Races overlapping. I'll go ahead and save you a bit of trouble, in that "Pandaren Monk" and "Night Elf Druid" are pretty set-in-stone for me. Keep in mind, I do *NOT* have to have every Race, since that would be impossible anyways; just avoiding using the same Race for two different Classes

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