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Fire is the most life threatening element. It is important to take precautions and preventive measures just in case. The most basic and most important measure that should be taken is that everybody http://www.cheapnetherlandsoccerjerseys.com/robin-van-persie-jersey/ , be it at home, school, office or anywhere else should be aware of basic measure that are to be carried out if there is a fire that breaks out. It is extremely important to train people to keep calm and not panic because if they panic chances are that the fire might just increase. It is also important that everybody knows the helpline numbers that would know <"http:www.fire-security.netfirestopping">Fire Stopping[url=]methods.[/url]

  • Fire at Home[/url]
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      • Do not leave the gas, stove or grill unattended.
      • Do not allow kids to go around near the fireplace.
      • Train your dog to stay away from fireplace and electric wires and open wires.
      • Always check your electrical circuit and switchboard. Do not keep open wires around
      • Do not use matches box and lighters if you are not used to it. Also keep the match stick under the running water.
      • Switch, the gas and cylinder, knob off after the use. Also take precautions while cooking.[/url]
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          • Fire at work place[/url]
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              • Keep the office premises clean and neat.
              • Keep the paper http://www.cheapnetherlandsoccerjerseys.com/riechedly-bazoer-jersey/ , liquid, plastic and other waste away as they can easily catch fire.
              • Do not smoke in the office have a non-smoking zone, also avoid using lighter in office.
              • Do not spill liquid near any electrical machine. If it's a chemical producing company, make sure all the testing and trials are done in a separate place.
              • Make sure that the <"http:www.fire-security.netcable-fire-protection">Cable Coating[url=]in the office is fire proof.[/url]
              • [url=]There should be a fire extinguisher, fire alarm and fire blanket at disposal.[/url]
              • [url=]Make sure that everybody in the office is aware of the emergency and fire exits[/url]
              • [url=]

                  • Fire at school

                      • Keep the school premises clean and tidy not only for hygiene reasons but also for safety purpose.
                      • Make sure that no student carries any flammable material with them.
                      • It is important to educate students on what should be done if there is ever the fire breaks in school.
                      • Students should be made aware and should be allowed to use chemicals in a laboratory under observation of well experienced teacher.
                      • Students should not be allowed to do any experiment that would cause a fire or any experiment which could lead to fire.

                          • Fire at hospital

                              • Hospital authority should keep a scanner that won't allow any flammable material on the premises other than medicines.
                              • Smoking should not be allowed in hospitals
                              • The staff working in the hospital should be well trained to handle emergency situations.
                              • There should be evident and huge signs toward the fire exit in all the languages and pictures as it is important for everybody that comes to the hospital to know about the fire exit.

                                • The best thing to do in if there is a fire anywhere is a first call the helpline, i.e. http://www.cheapnetherlandsoccerjerseys.com/quincy-promes-jersey/ , fire brigade.
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