Plastic Artificial Grass manufacturers

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Production process, application and advantages
Indoor plastic decorative grass is made of PP and PE, which is sewed together with PP mesh cloth and artificial lawn through grass weavers, and then combined with butyl rubber.
Or to put it this way, artificial turf is a chemical product with the motion properties of natural grass, implanting synthetic fibers like grass leaves on a woven base cloth and coating the back with a fixing coating.
Grass has a wide range of applications, high velvet density and durability, and its performance and advantages have been widely recognized.
Haoda turf is woven with grass cluster structure, the bottom of the first layer is woven with polypropylene material, and the bottom of the second layer is coated with professional glue to ensure the strength and usability of the product.
Indoor plastic decorative grass can be used in sports fields such as running track, football field, tennis court, baseball field, hockey field, gatefield, golf course, basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, softball field and so on.
It can also be used in the plaza, venue and college, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens comprehensive activity venues.
And green decoration for roads, railways, communities, roofs and courtyards.
Its main raw materials are: PE (polyethylene, mainly used for sports grounds), PA (nylon imported from Korea, used for both sports and leisure grounds), PP (polypropylene, mainly crimped silk, used for leisure places).
Environmental protection is natural, pollution-free.
Flame retardant, fadeless, environmental friendly and odorless
Advantages of artificial lawn
Artificial lawn appearance bright, four seasons green, vivid, good drainage performance, long service life, low maintenance costs.
Indoor plastic decoration grass maintenance
Keep the field clean and erect "No smoking" signs around the grass. 路 Motor vehicles and heavy objects should not enter the field. Reduce the number of cleaning times and avoid cleaning in high temperaturePlastic Artificial Grass manufacturers

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