Create my own guild or expect change?

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Also the guild leader who was absent all of Cata has returned and pretty much requested a raid spot. Wouldn't be a problem, but he knows very little about his class, and refuses to research on his own (i had to explain to him that he still was able to throw a weapon, because he kept dying while leveling because, as he put it "rogues don't have a ranged pull ability). Out of the 6-7 that do show, only about 4 of them pull what should be expected of themselves. The guild leader also frequently causes unnecessary raid damage by dropping flames from 2nd boss MSV in raid or hitting various other bombs in boss fights, all because he refuses to even consider using DBM (not saying it is necessary for everyone, but since he causes such an issue it would probably help him). Only one of the other officers even attempt to help organize things, to the point that I got griped at by the guild leader because I did not issue a calender invite for a raid (even though the same people show up every week). Guild Leader does not want us to recruit to fill empty raid spots, because he is worried about inviting "assholes" to the guild, so he would rather people level alts to fill missing roles.

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