Once all the shrimp are washed

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Ink at the beginning of all first crawfish hard water rinse for several times, and then only to handle carefully, left hand hold them back, replica ferragamo belt will not be able to part of eating with a knife to tear down, this step is done, and so tired, it is concluded that the ink at the beginning of the sweat, but it could not prevent she wants to eat the impulse.

Once all the shrimp are washed, replica designer belts soak them in clear water and drain for 10 minutes.

In the meantime, wash the water and cut into segments, fake gucci belt and the chilli cut into small sections.

Add the soy oil to the pan, heat up the heat, add the chilli, and change the heat to a small fire. When the capsaicin is just yellow, change the fire and add the water grass to the smell.

Then put just drain of crayfish in the pan, add a little salt, stir a few minutes, then add some hot water sealed, into a small fire simmer flavor, replica versace belt such as basic dry after ten minutes broth, salt powder, stir well to fire again. A stir-fried crayfish is out.