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Just a fun debate to start off the debating league. We will hold regular debates and our members as well as other leagues will have the chance to participate. Some debates will be silly, some debates will be tough thinkers. This one is a bit more on the tough side, but not too controversial. Will try to keep debates at a low so that hard arguments aren't started. If this becomes a problem however, it will be stopped.

Please pick a side and then comment to support your side. Thanks and have fun!

Positive View

Children/Adolescents should be subjected to night-time curfews {as a way to reduce crime}.

Negative View

Children/Adolescents should not be subjected to night-time curfews {as a way to reduce crime}.
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having a curfew is a start, but only because the parents are keeping a better eye on their kids and the kids know it. you also have to know where they are at all times and who their friends are and spend time with them, get to know them. ask them bout their day, etc. show them that you care and that you do give a dang bout what they do. but yes, a curfew is a must for children.

Curfew is a must for structure .  And knowing when and where your kids are.
now curfew is only a some cases they will be out past curfew due to sports, school dances, etc.

As a kid, especially males, it is hilarious to make someone do something they shouldn't do in other words theft, destruction of property, etc... it's kind of like a right of passage, a show of bravery if you will...

That being said, even a stupid child isn't going to do these sorts of things unless they know they can get away with it, and what better time to get away with illegal activities than after dark...

Not only that but you have to establish early on that you have control over what they do, if you exercise enough control at a young age, they won't start to realize you have no REAL say in anything until they are much older, but at that point hopefully they have out grown the need to impress friends by doing and saying offensive things just because they are shocking.

Child rearing is remarkably similar to business management, and any manager will tell you that if you are more concerned with whether your employees like you, than you are with their performance in meeting goals, they will walk all over you and show no respect. I learned that lesson the hard way.
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