re like a caterpill

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o you want to grow up? During the summer vacation, I started to read the book of Yuyujun, the sister of Braid, because her book has a strong "braid attraction", which made me especially enjoy. The questions at the beginning need to be considered carefully. Sometimes, I especially want to grow up several years at once []Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], because children are not respected by adults, but they are forced to respect adults; sometimes []Cigarettes For Sale[/url], I want to shrink several years, and then no longer grow up, because, It ��s so good when I was a kid. Everywhere I go, it hurts. I still want to let me ... The scallop in the book does n��t want to grow up. He is a fat boy with a soft heart and little courage. Many small animals have been raised since childhood: four little birds that have gone so far; small frogs starved to death; "white" and "black" diarrhea  []Marlboro Gold[/url]... Guess why scallops don't want to grow up? He was not as naive as I was because he grew up, and the first lesson was cheating. Before the exam, the teacher arranged their seats tightly (the classmates told him to cheat for the sake of cheating); the paper was passed during the exam, and the teacher just smiled. It turns out that the school teachers have colluded long ago, just for school results! Scallops never want to grow up after this. Poor scallops! Like the protagonist, I am about to become a graduating class student, and like him, I don't seem to understand what it means to grow up. How about you? You may answer: "I just grow up and grow up!" However, after reading this book, I grew up thinking that growing up should be sensible and opinionated. Therefore, growing up is neither good nor bad for me. I can also say this: as long as you live in this world, you will experience growing up. When you were a kid, you were like a caterpillar, so you have to go through something before you can transform into a butterfly. After reading this book, I suddenly understood: Nothing is perfect, why should I be afraid? Growth has brought us happiness and let us know more knowledge. Although there are troubles in growth, it is because of these troubles that we have strengthened our will. In fact, it's not bad to face up with growth.
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