Petites Warrior Updates Announcement

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Petite Warriors is a new Real-time strategy adventure game for iOS & Android.
Next Version Update Content :
1. Open 3-on-3 Fight

a. The bench hero can play a role. With two out of three to win, a better strategy will be a more important winning factor.

b. You can invite everyone to watch your game process at the 3-on 3.

c. Warriors, on behalf of own server, fight for honor and welfare in the Conquest.

2. Competitive shop adjust selling goods; you can exchange S HERO directly in the 3-on 3 shop.

3. Optimize the game prompts and fix some text errors.

4. Optimize the effect of farm, farming can be faster.

5. The hired mercenaries' level will increase 10 levels of the player team maximum level. (With aid from other guild members, finishing stage 15 is easy).

6. Fix the problem where the hired mercenary can't keep fighting in the Relics.

7. Fix the problem where some players can't enter discount shop.

8. Increase the drop chances of campaign badges and materials, and amount of hero experience.

9. Increase the drop chances of normal campaign badges, strengthen materials and gear drawings.

10. Increase normal campaign hero experiences after Chapter 5.

11. Increase shards of divine stone obtained in escort and robbery.

12. Increase Gold and EXP potion obtained after victory in Trial.

13. Optimize VIP bonus pack and lower VIP12 experiences requirement.