Before you get started with reef aquariums though

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Many of you have grown up with pet fish in your life. Either your parents air jordan clearance womens , friends, or even you keep fish as pets. From the lowly little goldfish all the way up to turtles and eels. Now, as an adult, you might be thinking about keeping fish again but want something a bit more unusual and unique. Coral reef aquariums have become a hot topic over the past few years. Imagine being able to grow your own reef ecosystem in your own home.

Before you get started with reef aquariums though, you should do some research on them. Reef tanks are more difficult than fresh or salt water tanks because the environment is more aggressive. The water requirements have to have the exact balance of chemicals and the currents need to be stronger too. Make a mistake here and everything in your tank can become ill. But don’t be afraid air jordan clearance mens , just take your time and get started slowly.

You probably noticed that a reef aquarium has different parts when compared to a regular aquarium. All of these parts should work together to create the aquatic environment that is needed for coral, but you might have difficulties getting everything to work together without buying a complete kit. Red Sea Max aquariums has reef tank kits that come with all of parts you need for a healthy tank, and their parts are built to be 100% compatible.

You can also purchase reef starter kits from Red Sea Max. These starter kits include reef base and the chemicals needed to make your tap water healthy for your reef, fish and other sea creatures. Again, Red Sea Max did this to help make owning a reef tank easy for everyone to do. All of these items are available for purchase individually air jordan clearance sale , but buying them in a kit from Red Sea Max actually saves you time and money and will make sure all of the components work together.

The last thing you need to keep in mind when getting a reef aquarium is what size to buy. Anything under 20 gallons is limited and difficult to keep balanced. Red Sea Max offers two different sizes, a 34 gallon (130 liter) called the 130D and a 60 gallon (250 liter) called the 250. They are also bringing out a new 120 gallon version called the Red Sea Max 500 but it isn’t available yet. All of the tanks come with similar mechanical parts, the 250 will have larger ones due to it’s size. If you aren’t sure which size to pick, try thinking about what types of coral and fish you want to put into the tank and then you can get one that fits.

Before you go, I have more detailed specifications on the Red Sea Max 250. It’s a great reef aquarium with plenty of room to grow.
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