Walnut Protein Powder for sale

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Product Details
Walnut can be called the "King" of antioxidant, walnut nutritional value is very high. The American Dietetic Association suggests that people should eat walnuts two or three times a week, especially for middle-aged and menopausal women, because the arginine, oleic acid and antioxidant substances contained in walnuts are beneficial to protect cardiovascular system, prevent coronary heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer's disease.
Defatted walnut powder contains arginine, oleic acid, antioxidants and so on. It is beneficial to protect cardiovascular system, prevent coronary heart disease, stroke and senile dementia. Good defatted walnut powder is yellow brown, with natural walnut flavor, slightly bitter taste of walnut, taste thick and lasting. Defatted walnut powder can be mixed into flour, porridge, steamed bread, noodles, bread, cakes and so on. It can be used frequently to strengthen the brain and intelligence, protect the liver and kidney, and improve immunity.
Product Advantage
1. Strict raw material pretreatment processinghis product uses choice walnut meat as raw material, removal of impurities.mildew.low maturity walnut meat锛沺eel walnut outer coat to remove astringency.
2.Walnut meat defats at low temperature, walnut protein is invariable during processing, make sure water solubility of walnut protein, the oil content after defatted is below 1.5%.锛圤r oil controlled according to customer' s requests锛?/p>
3.Defatted walnut meat fineness is divided into 30 mesh and 100 mesh.
Main Application Of The Product
1.Main walnut protein beverage ingredients;
2.Geriatric food ingredients
3.Walnut flavor baked food ingredients
4.High quality walnut ingredients for extracting isolate walnut protein
5.For nutritious breakfast.infant.pregnant women food.
Processing Flow
Choice Walnut Meat 鈫?Peeling 鈫?Oil Extraction.Grinding 鈫扨roduct Packing
AppearanceMilky Powder
Protein Content%Min 70%
Fat%Max 1.5%
Moisture%Max 10.0%
Fineness(0.150mm)%Min 99.0%
Our Packaging
1. Cardboard drum: 25kg/bag
2. Customized by customer.Walnut Protein Powder for sale
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