Wilderness Contest Event on August

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Dear Player,

We will hold Wilderness Contest Event for all server on August again.

In this contest, you are going to compete for one wilderness in each prefecture (13 in total). The event is beginning at 12:00 pm, August 15th, Kingory time. By the deadline (12:00 pm, August.19th Kingory EU Server Time), the owner of each wilderness can win a Gift Set.

The Gift Set includes one Gold Treasure box, One Gold Key, three Military Sciences books, one Magic Bull Helmet, one Magic Bull Armor, one Magic Bull Longsword, and one Magic Bull.


The coordinates of target wilderness will be publicized here or via system announcement after the event beginning.

These are 13 wildernesses coordinate (Please check after event beginning):

Aplomb (46,112 )
Lucre (60,411)
Thorns (272,410)
Meld (148, 73)
Halcyon (304, 32)
Virid (471, 114)
Esperance (320, 113)
Pole (123, 208)
Colt (442, 318)
Futtock (269, 458)
Ease (322, 247)
Dignant (409, 242)
Yang (344, 179)



1. Player can't build city on these wilderness.

2. Only the owners at the deadline can win the rewards, a used-to-be owner won't get anything.

3. Every Player can own only a wilderness.

4. If you are final winner, please replay this thread with your information:

Server Name:
Lord Name:
Wilderness Coordinate:

we'll check the log to confirm the final winners.

5. The result is subject to official final confirmation and the rewards will be sent automatically to your item box after event.


Server Name:EU 1
Lord Name:jamitis
Wilderness Coordinate:304,32
Wilderness Coordinate:320,113


inter 5

server name:inter 5
lord name:haha
wilderness coordinate:lucre 60,411

Server: inter4
Lord name: Mr. Black
coordinates: halcyon 304,32

server inter 5

lord name drunken_beanflicker

cords halcyon 304 32

Server Name: Inter 4
Lord Name: Cross Raven
Wilderness Coordinate: 344 179
Prefecture: Yang precture

Server Name: Inter 4
Lord Name: Cross Raven
Wilderness Coordinate: 344 179
Prefecture: Yang prefecture

Server Name: EU1
Lord Name: SEED55
Wilderness Coordinate: 123, 208 (Pole)

Server Name: Europe 2
Lord Name: doran619
Wilderness Coordinate: 304,32


server: Inter4
Lord Name: Mr.White
Wilderness control:442,318