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Getting a driving license on the Chinese mainland is not an easy process.

Apart from lengthy training and complicated examinations one must suffer through Virgil van Dijk Liverpool Shirt , applicants may also need to pay a bribe to their driving instructors as "insurance" to make sure they can get their license.

The Ministry of Public Security announced a potential plan for reform last week to make taking lessons in driving schools optional and to allow applicants to register for driving tests on their own.

Observers have seen the move as a way to curb corruption within the driving license management system.

Corrupt traffic

In China, most people who apply for driving license need to attend a minimum of 64 hours of training organized by a driving school before they take the four required examinations, including classes on driving theory, the rules of the road and driving practice. The total tuition fees normally cost between 4,000 yuan ($651) and 10,000 yuan and the whole process takes around two to three months.

Although there is no law or regulation explicitly stating that one must attend a training school before applying for a driving test, in practice Nathaniel Clyne Liverpool Shirt , many vehicle management authorities and traffic police only accept applications sent through authorized training schools.

As of November 2014, China has more than 300 million licensed drivers, including 244 million car drivers, according to the Ministry of Public Security on Thursday. 22 percent of Chinese people have driving licenses, and the number will continue to surge in the next few years, the ministry said.

This September, more than 20 officials working in the vehicle management department in Shijiazhuang Customized Liverpool Shirt , Hebei Province, were fired and put under investigation after being accused of taking millions of yuan from 40 local driving schools.

In this case, schools required their students to pay a 500 yuan "guarantee fee" and giving 300 yuan to the authorities in charge of the examinations. Students who paid this money would pass the test regardless of their actual performance.

Fan Li, a senior official of the China Road Transport Association, told The Beijing News that many driving teachers did not provide enough instruction to their students. Instead they just prepared them to pay examiners, Fan said.

Even though they obtain a driving license, many people are still very poor drivers and are likely to cause traffic accidents Blank Liverpool Shirt , he added,

The traffic management bureau, under the Ministry of Public Security, has said previously that new drivers with less than three years of experience have increasingly been involved in accidents.

In 2010, more than 30 percent of traffic accidents involved new drivers, and this figure jumped to over 40 percent in the first six months of 2012.

Power abuse

Wang Jun, a driving teacher who has taught in a Beijing driving school in Haidian district for five years Xherdan Shaqiri Shirt , told the Global Times that the examination pass rate is crucial to instructor's income and to training schools' profit.

"Our salaries include bonuses based on how many students pass their driving tests. However, applicants need to wait to take a test due to the increasing number of car owners," Wang said.

Another Beijing-based driving instructor, surnamed Zhang who has taught people how to drive for 18 years, told the Global Times that some driving instructors pay vehicle management officials to jump the queue and have more of their students take the exams.

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