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Get Inspired and create a custom made promotional product this month!

We think outside the box when it comes to producing quality long lasting promotional products. If you work with trusted brands you would expect to work with trusted supply partners. We have built this trust over the last 15 years. We look forward to creating long lasting quality and memorable promotional products with you .

Below are some inspirational ideas of the scope of production options that we can realize for you- just for a little inspiration

Custom Mouse Mats

These super cool leather mouse mats can be custom made to your PMS colour and printed or embossed to your liking- from 500 pcs !  Karl Joseph Raiders Jersey , contact us for pricing and lead times.

Custom Printed Note Books

We have a range of notepads for you to choose from- your artwork is what will make your notepads a keepsake! For larger quantities such as 5000 pcs we could even get fancy like what you see in the images above and completely custom size, shape, and tailor print the inside pages to suit your needs. We have hundreds of smaller quantity stock note books that can be supplied in 1-3 weeks. Contact us today for any notepad needs you have.

Custom Packaging

If you are wanting to add value to your product then custom packaging your promotional product is the best way to go about it. Our popular silver foil envelopes are a great option for small volume projects, – If your project has a large enough volume such as 5000 pcs + then we can produce something special like these gift boxes. Contact us today to see what we can do for your next marketing campaign.

Custom Post-It Designs

Custom made promotional sticky notes are ideal merchandising items for University Open Days, trade shows, conference giveaways and office merchandise. Sticky note pads make a perfect corporate promotional giveaway for the office. We have a range of stock sticky notes that can be produced and supllied in 2-3 weeks. Contact us for any sticky note ideas you might have.

Or if you like to go outside the box we can custom shape your sticky note pad and print each page with different artwork for example (from 5000 pcs)

Custom Printed Packing Tape

Promotional Printed Packaging Tapes have your logo on them so that you can spread your corporate message. Custom Printed Packaging Tapes are ideal for any branding strategy, from packaging to Retail Promotions. Give your brand the maximum exposure!

Custom Made Coasters

Promotional Cork Coasters are a fun and useful promotional product that can be used by males, females, bars and pubs alike. They give your brand the opportunity to promote to a large audience! They are a durable quality promotional product that will be used frequently, and your brand will be constantly remembered. An ideal give away for any promotion or event, from Bar-related to Trade-related promotions.

Stock Foil Envelopes

Our promotional stock silver foil envelopes are designed to easily hold your mailer and help make your corporate mail-out campaign stand out from the rest. They make ideal corporate promotional envelope as they add value to your catalogue or mailout and help make it stand out in the mail. We have a variety of sizes available to suit any sized mail out. Our stock envelopes come with one side clear and the other side silver, unless stated otherwise.

Promotional Brand Slogans and Promo Brand differentiation

Consumer spending, even on sale items, will continue to be replaced by a reason-to-buy at all. This spells trouble for brands with no authentic Brand Identity.

2) Brands “value”

What makes goods and services valuable will increasingly be what’s wrapped up in the brand and what it stands for. Why Polo Ralph Lauren or Country Road instead of The Gap?

3) Brand differentiation is Brand Value- use this within your choice of Promotional Items

The unique meaning of a brand will increase in importance as generic features continue to plague the brand landscape. Awareness as a meaningful market force has long been obsolete, and differentiation will be critical for success –meaning sales and profitability.

4) Brand Slogans

Brand slogans can be established as a brand identity this is where promotional products come in handy as they help reinforce your brand identity when used cleverly. Your choice of brand slogans goes hand in hand with what promotional item you choose to use for your specific brand- as they must believably exist in the mind of the consumer. The consumer will decide if the promotional slogan is accepted, making it more important than ever for a brand to have measures of authenticity that will aid in brand differentiation and consumer engagement by choosing good slogans.

A good slogan should be a position or differentiating idea.

Your future made easier. ING

Your world delivered. AT&T

Yes you can. Sprint

Way of life. Suzuki

Uncommon wisdom. Wachovia

Always worth it. Bud Light

Shift. Nissan

Today’s the day. Monster

And “Hall of Fame slogans”–such as these

Diamonds are forever. DeBeers

The real thing. Coke

The ultimate driving machine. BMW

Everywhere you want to be. Visa

Eat Fresh. Subway

5) Consumer expectations are growing

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