How to make fake hair updo

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1) With my hair down and the topper on as normal, I braided a small braid on human hair wigs both sides of my head, about 1/2 way down my hair- not a french braid (ain’t nobody got time for dat),justa normal braid. Then secured the end of synthetic wigs each braid with a bobby pin so they wouldn’t unravel.

2) I then gathered both braids and the rest of my hair into a low ponytail and secured that with a hair band.
3) I twisted the ponytail into a bun and secured that with a few bobby pins.
4) Added a metal chain headband to lace wigs  add visual interest and give it a sort of Grecian vibe, pulled out a couple of wispy hairs on the side, and… voila! This look took less than 10 minutes.
You may have a try as what i said just now, a different appearance in minutes.